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Jim P. Anaheim, CA
Referred by OASIS Health Care Agency: ROG has been very helpful compared to my old service. They have been important to me in making financial decisions.

Carol C., Laguna Woods, CA
Referred by Laguna Woods Social Services ROG has helped me through a tough time when my reverse mortgage funds ran out and I had only my Social Security income to get by.Letting them reorganize everything and work with my family and pay my bills forme has helped keep me in my home.

Marc D., Laguna Hills, CA
Referred by Social Security Representative Having a relative manage my income caused a lot of friction with my family. This way has worked out much better for everyone and the prepaid debit card is also key. Thank you.

Dan L., Albany, OR
Found us on Social Security website I can’t remember things very well and was always late on my bills and so now I can relax because ROG takes care of making sure everything is paid on time.

Carol N., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Referred by Orange County Council on Aging My husband has dementia and I have an autistic adult child and it just got to be too much for me to try to manage the household finances because my husband always took care of them. I was quite frantic when I started getting late notices in the mail and contacted Social Services for help. They referred me to Resource Oversight and Guidance Services and I’m so grateful. They have helped me in so many ways other than just with the finances and are the representative payee now for both my husband and my daughter.

Stacy P., Orange, CA
Referred by Orange County Social Services I was very unhappy with my old representative payee. ROG is very helpful, they listen to me, and are there whenever I need help. If I need emergency money or anything else, they take care of me right away. Thank you.

Chris R., Palm Desert, CA
Found us through web search My sister has dementia and I take care of most of her personal needs but rely on ROG Services to take care of the financial part and they do a great job as the representative payee.